Swerver Skates

Introducing the all new Swerver Skates. These incredible new skates can swerve, turn, veer, diverge and converge again . . . all without ever having to lift your feet off the ground!


We love to skate, especially outdoors. We’ve tried roller skates, roller blades and even ice skates when the pond freezes over. But the most fun we’ve had on skates has been with our new Swerver Skates.

We know that not everyone has the balance and agility of Michelle Kwan, so we enhanced our skates to make them easier to turn and control, and much more stable due to the wider wheel placement and patented lean-to-turn mechanism. Now it’s easy to swerve and turn without even lifting your feet off the ground. With Swerver Skates, you simply lean and let the patented turning technology do the work.

Before and After

Comparison photos of the Swerver Skates from before and after


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But First, The Purple Board
Ever wonder how the popular hoverboard came to be? While at a trade show to showcase the Solowheel, Ywanne got bored and decided to ride two Solowheels at the same time. While watching her, Shane got a crazy idea. He decided he was going to make another personal rideable, this time with two wheels. He started with a sketch of a single board with the wheels tucked up inside, so it gives the allusion of hovering as you ride. He then created a working prototype and dubbed it The Purple Board. Unfortunately, the wheels were too small for the size of the board. So, Shane went back to the drawing board. After a few trial and errors, Shane decided to move the wheels to the outside of the board and to redesign the board to allow more independent balancing on each wheel. This also allowed the board to be more responsive to the rider during turns. This new design became the widely recognized Hovertrax design of 2013.   We’ve come a long way from those early Purple Board days. From the technological advances of the parts we use to learning how to develop rideables that are lighter, faster and more stylish. Our newest rideable, the IOTAtrax ( www.iotatrax.com ), is a perfect example! With a weight of only 15lbs and speeds up to 10 mph, this little rideable is set to be the next big thing. Pre-order yours today for only $499! But hurry, the pre-order sale ends February 28, 2018.
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IOTAtrax takes home “Top Tech Award—Rideables” at CES
“The IotaTrax is far more compact and portable than any hoverboard you’ll find.” —Digital Trends PRE-ORDER NOW ($499 Until Feb 28th) One week before CES, we didn’t have any plans on attending. No booth, no media appointments, no preparation for the event whatsoever. In fact, our prototypes were still in production. Then a few days before the event we got word that we had three prototypes on the way. A couple long and tiring days later we were in Las Vegas.. And it couldn’t have gone much better. Early day 1, we were already making appointments for sneak peaks and early looks at Shane Chen’s latest creation. By the end of day 1, we had already met with Digital Trends, had an in-depth product review, were catching the eyes of everyone we passed and were reading an incredible review of the IOTAtrax. PRE-ORDER NOW ($499 Until Feb 28th) If you don’t already know, Shane Chen, the inventor of the IOTAtrax, was also the inventor of the original hoverboard (Hovertrax). Not the low-quality copy cats that never seem to go away, but the first one. He’s also the original inventor of the Solowheel. Now he’s back for round 3 with his latest innovation and the next step in rideables—the IOTAtrax. Shane took what he learned from the Hovertrax and Solowheel to arrive at what he feels is the perfect balance in rideables—something that is not only super easy to maneuver on, but also comfortable to cruise along on at higher speeds for long distances. Its also super compact and light, which makes it easy to take it with you when you’re not riding. And because its so compact and low to the ground, it’s a cinch to learn. CES was our official launch and we’re so excited we were able to make it happen. We’re currently taking pre-orders at IOTAtrax.com until February 28th, when the we will start shipping. Retail is $599, but all pre-orders will only cost you $499. Happy Riding 😊 Read the awards show article here PRE-ORDER NOW ($499 Until Feb 28th) PRE-ORDER NOW ($499 Until Feb 28th)
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Unicycles and Lunicycles
We recently visited with the Lake Oswego Unicycle club that meets at Lakeridge Jr. High School to introduce them to the Lunicycle. Everyone was eager to get on and start riding the Lunicycles, including the club director and a couple parent volunteers. Before they started, we explained the subtle differences between riding a traditional unicycle and riding the Lunicycle; that they need to lean forward on the Lunicycle as opposed to leaning back on a unicycle, they need to bend their knees and keep low on the Lunicycle, they need to squeeze against the leg supports while riding the Lunicycle, and when they want to turn they need to twist at their knees as opposed to twisting at their waist. Once the kids were able to get on the Lunicycles they all were riding like pros within a few short minutes. At the end of the club time the kids were asked, compared to when they learned to ride the unicycle, which was easier to learn and they all said the Lunicycle! We are excited to follow up with the club in a few weeks to see how they’ve enjoyed the Lunicycle and to see how they’ve improved!
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