About Inventist

At Inventist, we're inspired by the activities we love to follow our imaginations wherever they may take us. We're creative, passionate and just weird enough to dream in living color about inventions that increase the fun factor.

First Patent

We got our first patent on October 22, 2002

First Successful Product

In 2003 we launched the Aquaskipper

First Invention Licensed

In 2006 the Powerwing was licenced by Razor.

Meet The Inventor

Shane Chen founded Inventist so that he could design and manufacture his innovative creations and share them with the world.

Shane ChenInventor
Shane's active lifestyle and an overactive imagination combined to fuel his vision of enhancing the activities he enjoyed -- windsurfing and other water sports, skating, skiing, biking and cooking -- by creating unconventional and easy-to-use equipment. A self-described "tinkerer" from a young age, he holds thirty-three patents. Mr. Chen’s inventions extend beyond sports and fitness to include home electronics and kitchen appliances, such as the FizzSaver, Leantisserie and Alkacharger.
My mission is to develop sports-related products that are genuinely new and fun to use, while adding an element of fitness at the same time. - Shane Chen, Inventor

See how we work

The creative brain often follows unique pathways to find the hidden possibilities in the everyday world. Climb inside the mind of the inventor to learn what sparks an idea and how it develops through prototyping and testing to become one of our products.

Our Process

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Meet our new CEO
After an extensive search, Inventist, Inc., home of the Hovertrax – the single, hottest global consumer product of 2015 – is pleased to announce that Dr. Rollan Roberts II has been named as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Roberts will lead and manage all aspects of overall business operations to continue the organization’s extraordinary track record of inventing world class, cutting edge consumer products.   “What we have in store for consumers in 2016 is nothing short of spectacular,” says Dr. Roberts, new Inventist CEO.  “The Hovertrax, Solowheel and numerous other inventions seen in big box stores are the tip of the iceberg.  The global reach of the company is established and provides significant growth opportunities worldwide.  We are taking our platform and strategic global relationships to give consumers innovative solutions to make their lives easier.  Ultimately, we are a luxurious, functional, high tech lifestyle brand.” Dr. Rollan Roberts has a proven track record of leading and creating high growth companies in various industries and is an internationally-renowned best selling business author with a doctorate in International Business and Entrepreneurship. We’re very excited to announce this HUGE change! We can’t wait to show you what else we have in store for this year. Don’t forget to follow our social media feeds to keep up to date!
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Lunicycles and Gymnasts
Today we ventured to Naydenov Gymnastics Gym in Vancouver, WA to see if the local gymnasts would be interested in learning to ride our newest product, the Lunicycle. Not only were the girls intrigued; they were ecstatic to ride it!  Seeing these young ladies take to the Lunicycle with ease was astonishing. With minimal direction they were helping each other move across the floor flawlessly. There were definitely a few Lunicycle stars and we can’t wait to meet with them again and see their progress.   We’re hoping that we can get a few talented young ladies and gentlemen for our upcoming national campaigns (more to come soon!) with new retailers and various media outlets.  More Marketing was a New Years Resolution for the company. We’re working on that and SO MUCH MORE! Some very extreme changes are coming soon. Join us for the ride! Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
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New Year, New Changes
What can you expect? ·         More inventions! ·         More productivity! ·         More Marketing! New Year, New Inventist. 2016 is our year! Any suggestions for us? Let us know!
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